Prize Winners at Modern Language School in Kirklees

On Saturday 6th August, at the Modern Language School’s launch event at Kirkburton near Huddersfield (West Yorkshire), 4 winners were drawn out of the box.

Italian Course Manager and young linguist

Only correct answers to the 15 questions quiz about France, Italy and Spain had been deposited in the prize draw box.

The winners were…

Italian student wins a free course

… Stephanie Coghlan won first prize, a free 12 week course of her choice.  Stephanie has been learning Italian on a Wednesday morning for nearly two years and has enrolled
on the Pre-intermediate class.  She is looking forward to the new course with the new language school.

Advanced French student wins second prize

 … Mr Christopher McEnhill won the second prize, a free 3 months pass to Kirklees Active Leisure centres. Christopher is an advanced French student of Kirkburton who spends as much as possible of his free time in his house in Pellevoisin, a French village in the Indre. He is looking forward to giving his fitness routine a boost with his prize.

Advanced French student wins 3rd prize

…  The third prize, a bottle of Shiraz, Pays d’Oc, went to Mrs Charlotte McEnhill (no fix, honest). Charlotte is also an advanced French student and will be enjoying a toast to all things French and to the Modern Language School.

Ils sont tres contents
The couple were due to leave for their house in France on the Wednesday. They were delighted to have taken time to come and sign up for their French course on the Saturday.

Finally, the 4th prize, another bottle of delicious wine, went to Tunchan Tole, who has been studying Italian for one year and will be joining Pre inter class on a Tuesday evening.

Although they did not win a prize, the other visitors to the
event had a busy, enjoyable time visiting their future classrooms, taking
advantage of the discount for their enrolment and taking part in the flamenco
demonstration led by local dance teacher, Lucie Lee (see below).

What a great day! Even if you missed it, you can still enrol for a Modern Language School course. Look at !


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