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la question du lundi :

Bonne et Heureuse Année! Can you remembers the French name for New Year’s Eve?

Solution à l’énigme du 11 décembre 2011:

One hundred years after Agincourt (Azincour), the French won a battle against the English which is as memorable to the French as is the other to the English. What battle was it and which French king had just been crowned?

Marignan, 1515, François I (premier)

ERROR: Message from Iain, who is a lot more of a historian than myself:

Sorry to dispute this but…Marignan was fought between the French (allied with Venice) against the Swiss (allied with the Spanish – who were not present). The battle was such an overwhelming victory for the French, that the Swiss withdrew, never to be an aggressor again, thus starting the tradition of Swiss neutrality.


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