Our new, fun learning game

Happy Verbs: No more boring verb drills!

Here is the real game for learners of French, Italian or Spanish, created by

the Modern Language School.

Playing Cards

Suitable for use in the classroom, at home, in clubs or with groups of friends, this is the ultimate verb learning tool, not just pain-free but actually fun-packed!

Played on the same lines as Happy Families, this game ensures verb repetition and learning without boredom, in fact without even knowing that learning is taking place!

Happy Verbs was created by language professionals at the Modern Language School to facilitate learning the most common irregular verbs in the present tense.

The original illustrations, by artist Paul Roche, enhance the game with their colour, humour and contemporary style, as well as providing an added help for visual learners.

Presented in a hard transparent PVC box, the pack consists of 1 rules’ card and 42 playing cards (7 verbs in 6 “persons” each). The rules card also provides suggestions for one and two person games.

All this for £5.99 + postage & packing! For ordering and payment details, contact us at modernlanguageschool@hotmail.co.uk.

We know you’ll enjoy this game! It has been successfully tested on a number of student groups.


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